Saturday, 8 February 2014

Paint Rocking Horse

Finally I made one using the size 40 thread, throughout like the pattern calls for. I did enjoy making this  little painted pony. The blue background is just to help the colors show. I'll have to find something to use for the background in a framed picture.


  1. Lovely! I think your other thread sizes worked fine too.

  2. This is really nice and a favorite kind of horse too! I like the blue background. Sometimes I take my tatting and lay it on those sheets of scrapbook paper, to see what works! And yesterday I saw a frame that is just glass on each side and then the wood frame so where the wall shows through.

  3. Lovely rocking horse, looks lovely in those colours, may I ask is this your pattern?

    1. This pattern is from Pam Palmer's Tatting Treats two. I like all her patterns and have used this book a lot.

  4. I love the color. You can also exclude the rocker and make a carasoul horse by adding a pole. That's what I'm doing with it next time, it would look nice as a mobile
    if you starched it, I always soak some tatted items in liquid starch and then press it between two layers of paper towel and let it dry, sometimes I have to soak it twice. You can also make a cowboy/ cowgirl and attach to the top sitting on the saddle
    Have Fun with it!

  5. Cute little rocking horse! Maybe you could find scrapbook paper to use as a background?

  6. Now this is wonderful! I was thinking it would be perfect on a baby shower card or as a beautiful tag.