Sunday, 22 December 2019

Two more kittens and a bunny

I've enjoyed this pattern. I even figured out how to put long ears and a fluffy tail on more for a bunny. I still like the flower kittys best.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Still having Fun

The top is a kitten design from Dotori. I bought it on Etsy. I thought today that it would be cute with a little bow on it's neck.
Next is the first pair of earrings I've ever done. The pattern is the first section from Jane's bookmark.
The third picture is another sea horse. They are always fun and when I don't feel like having to concentrate it's simple to whip up.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Keeping busy

I have lots of pictures to show. I've been having loads of fun tatting and painting. The top is the finished snowflakes in a flat glass ball.
The next was a fun experiment. I had rescued a bunch of beads that had the look of rocks. Silly but fun. Then there's the old 65 year old still silly enough to wear Christmas ornaments in her ears for our annual art club Christmas party. It was a fun night.
The purple bells (yes they're purple) is an annual thing I do for a friend. She likes to give her daughter 3 purple ornaments every Christmas.
The last is my latest art class. It was a wintry night, so not all the students showed up and I got lots of advice. Just got the frame on it this morning.  It was hard to photograph as there were lots of other lights reflecting on the glass.