Friday 22 December 2023

Christmas Baubles by Patty Duff


These Christmas Baubles were designed by Patty Duff. I had fun making them. 

Monday 4 December 2023

Another blizzard


Got some more snowflakes made. All but one of these are from Robin Perfetti's book 4 dozen snowflakes. The one in the top right hand is from Tatted Snowflakes by Jennifer Williams. 

Monday 16 October 2023

Snow Flakes by Jennifer Williams

 Snow Flakes by Jennifer Williams

These are fun to make. They are from the book 20 tatted snowflakes by Jennifer Williams. I like this book. It has good written instructions and good diagrams as well. 

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Bookmarks and candy canes


HORAY, HORAY. I'm back. After almost a year of not tatting, knitting or crocheting, I'm back at last. A week ago my hubby and I went to a Pioneer days weekend at Irricana, Alberta, Canada. 

I spent the days sitting next to the very talented Bernice B of Knot Vortex. We taught a few folks how to tat. Bernice has a very apt ability of simplifying  the instructions for tatting. I always learn something new and we have great days passing the time away. 

These are my first tattings in a long long time. I did do Jane's new years TIAS. But I confess my fingers were not happy. I finally got an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He injected steroids into the base of my two offending fingers. Now, that's painful. It took a week, but the sore fingers finally settled down. 

I started by knitting several pairs of mittens. Then as the time approached for the Irricana Pioneer days, I dug out my tatting supplies. 

This Pioneer weekend is about tractors, tractor pulls and such. Some horses. A craft section for ladies to see what lovely things people have made and are selling. A quilters cabin that includes hand made quilts, wool spinning, sewing and of course our little tatting table. Bernice fills the table with many of her tatting pieces along with her vest with lots of pretty tattings adorning it. 

We get into conversations with people interested in our craft and some even enjoy seeing a demonstration. 

It helps me pass the weekend, as I am not very interested in old cars or tractors. My husband, however is a retired Ag mechanic and he can spend a whole day in the hot sun enjoying seeing loads of old machinery and watching tractor pulls. 

I do take a brake to see the parade of heavy horses, pulling various wagons. That's the extent of my interest.  

Anyway, again, it's sooo good to be back. I'm hoping to make lots of Christmas ornaments for our Christmas farmers market this November. 

Thursday 11 May 2023

Flin Flon, Manitoba and an Olds sunrise

 I'm still painting a bit, as my fingers are still sore. The doctor says one finger has trigger finger and the other has arthritis. Next week, I'm booked to have a plastic surgeon give me some shots of cortisone. I sold the sunrise picture and just finished the water color on top. 

Saturday 1 April 2023

Steer skull

I painted this back in 2017. I recently gave it to a friend in a seniors manor. I'm happy someone likes it.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Winter scene


I still can't tat. 😞 So, I'm passing some time painting. This was from an art class I took. Very fun to do.