Monday, 23 July 2018

These are my latest endeavors. The top is flannel receiving blankets. The idea came from Dianne Cademartori, whom we know is such a talented lady. I bought the flannel 3 years ago. It took my daughter-in-law getting pregnant for me to get my butt in gear and get them done. Now we wait to hear if it will be a boy or a girl.
The bottom one is an idea from a pot holder that had already been made. I picked it up at a garage sale. Only the original was made of acrylic. I had put it in our holiday trailer and thought someday I would build one. Well, poor hubby got a hold of it and put a very hot frying pan on it and it melted. (Who makes a pot holder out of acrylic?) So I took what was left of it into the house and made another. Only cotton this time. I'm sure DH will be afraid to use it for awhile.