Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Tree Top Ornament

Haven't done alot lately. I've just gotten over a retina surgery. I'm happy to report it's all better. I am very grateful for that. Last Nov I had a detached retina on my left eye repaired. The recovery took 3 months. This year I had the same surgery on my right eye done. The recovery on it has been only 3 weeks. I am  extremely grateful for such a fast recovery.
This Tree topper is from the book Tatting for Today, written by DMC in 1980. I only have 5 1/4 inch rings so I added a row to it and used size 20 thread rather than the required 10. I hope to make some more. My pupil is still dilated so it lets in more light than it should. But I'm seeing good enough to tat. And that's all that matters. Right? 😃