Monday, 10 February 2014

Antique doily

I saw this doily at an antique store last Saturday. I find it fascinating. Upon first glance it looks tatted, but I finally realized it's crocheted. There are some double stitches in it. The person who made it did not weave in the ends, so there's frayed ends here and there. And it's got some dirty spots. I guess I should have made an offer on it. The price tag was $15.00. It truly needs someone to take it home and give it some TLC.


  1. the braided areas can be achieved by hooking the picots together around the motif. Most likely this is done in China. I have seen some like this before.

  2. Well they sell that same one on Ebay and I almost bought it, because it looked so good and was wondering if it was tatted. It comes from China, I can't remember the price but remember it was affordabill , but it looks like a lot of work. if you search for "tatted doily" it will come up! it is pretty but makes me feel bad.

  3. I'm a crocheter and I tat and I see both in it. It's very nice though ,I'll bet if you soak it in hot water with dish soap a few times it will come out clean. I had the same problem with cotton thread when I used my doileys when I drink coffee and I always used dish soap and the spots would come right out.