Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Need some help

Can anyone tell me how to change the email address on my blog. I am soon to be canceling my other internet provider and haven't been able to make the email address change.
Thank you
Batty Tatter


  1. Tried doing changing mine a few years ago and failed, so if anyone can help Batty Tatter would be interested to find out the answer too. Good Luck

  2. Sally. I did go into my settings and then to the email section. There are two boxes there where I did change the email address. So now I get any comments coming to that new address. Even though the address up in the right hand corner of my blog is still the old one. At least I am getting the notices to the right address. It's a start.

  3. Well, Sally the address up there did change, finally. But now there's no button to post a new blog. Wow, this is a pain.

  4. And now I've signed in with the old address and it's all working right again. I may have to keep that address up there. At months end I will be discontinuing that email address. I hope that doesn't foul me up. oh my.

  5. OK Sally, my son the IT fixed mine. The email address at the top that is.
    You open the tab that says design. Then settings then under basic is a place called Permissions and blog authors. Set your address as the administrator. You might loose the pictures from your previous posts for a day. That happened to me. So my son had put in an additional address for a blog author. When we shut it down it was working with the additional blog author. Today my correct address is on top and the pictures came back.
    If you get the grey triangles with an exclamation mark in the center and loose your pictures there is information about that in google information. But after my pc had been off for the evening. My pictures had returned with my correct address for the administrator. I hope I've helped and not caused you stress. Good luck.