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I retired early because my legs don't like holding me up for too long. So now I can do things in my own time. I like to sell things at farmers market. Most of which, I've made myself, e.g. homemade soap, crochet dish cloths, hand towels, baby afghans and of course,..tatting.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Oh my.....I had completed row 8 of Renulek's spring doily. So I'm puttering along on row 9 and I made a mistake. No sweat, I snipped a section off. But......my scissors went too far. I had snipped a picot. One that I needed to attach a ring to. Oh wow! Well, Crazy Glue to the rescue. It should hold well. And this doily is for me. So likely it will never show to the untrained eye. This view officially becomes the back.


  1. I hate to get carried away when sniping, sometimes they are too sharp!

  2. That is one of my biggest 'fears' in tatting. I don't really mind snipping off mistakes, but I'm always a little bit nervous when I do it - will I snip too close and cut a picot? I've done the same thing once or twice, but 'saved' it by sewing instead of glue - didn't think about gluing it at the time.

  3. Ohhhh, I am always worried about that!
    Great thought of the glue to help. I hope it works out well!! :)

  4. Damn! I would also hate to repeat a large part. But glue? I 'll think about that solution next time.

  5. Well done for solving the problem, I don't think I would ever use glue to hold the picot together, Hope it lasts as long as the doily does.