Monday, 6 January 2014

Not For The Faint of Heart

I did manage to do day one of Jane's TIAS. My first start was a misunderstanding. I thought it was 1 + and then another vsp. But it meant that I was supposed to attach to the previous vsp. So here's a pic of my work and my still sore finger. Don't look if you haven't eaten. My 91 year old mom calls it a fellon. She used to get them from milking cows by hand. I am on antibiotics and a fungal cream.
My hubby says I got it from too much tatting. If that were so, then how come I've had them on my big toe.
Too much cooking, I'd say.


  1. That looks a sore finger hope the cream and tablets work, I am sure it's not the tatting perhaps it's cooking your husband his meals.

  2. Ow. I hope the antibiotics clear it up quick, quick.