Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All angels and snowflakes flew

Just a note about last Saturday's Christmas market. I sold every angel and snowflake. I had a little
Christmas tree with all my tatted ornaments on the front of it. Everyone sold. Even the angel I'd made a mistake on and had her rather full figured. Wish I'd known that was going to happen.


  1. Wow that great! You will have to start in July next year, and love the picture on the post!

  2. That's great! I'm glad you did so well. Your angels were cute.

  3. Congratulations. Karen in OR

  4. Well done, that's great, you did much better than I did!

  5. Well done, I am so pleased you had a good day, I only sold one snowflake but I took two orders and an enquiry for something, so it was not that bad, I did sell some cards. I have another market this Saturday and that is my last. I have a shop that want some snowflakes so they are not wasted. I will do a display in mothers room (she's in a nursing home so instead of flowers over Christmas I did an arrangement in her room of sticks and snowflakes last year).
    Your angels were beautiful I am hoping to make some for next Christmas.