Friday, 9 September 2016

Some more treasures

Another thing I found at The Twisted Barn was this book. Tatting Farm Animals by Christel Weidmann. It's an intriguing book.I like the cow and the bunny rabbit.There's also a pattern for a bull, a  hen laying, several chicks and a sitting rabbit.

 And then there's this. I was searching through mom's living room drawer looking for something else and found this. She'd received it years ago with some leftover yarn. I supposed it's for holding a ball of yarn. Great little devise. Well it works good as a tatting shuttle too. Not as good as one with a hook on the end. But that's just my taste.


  1. They'll make good motifs for your hats. I have a thread holder like that that I was given, but haven't used it. It would be good for tatting in a thick thread perhaps.

  2. I picked up a few of these several years ago and used them for emergency shuttles. Not as comfortable as a shuttle, but they work in a pinch.