Tuesday, 15 December 2015

bow and bells

I saw this on line. I regret I do not know who did it first. It's a gift for a dear friend. Can't wait to give it to her.


  1. That is very cute - what a great gift for a lucky friend!

  2. This is very cute and classic too! I have pinned several bell pattern flat and 3D and like candles I really will dedicate more time next year to making them!

  3. A pretty combination, your friend will be thrilled.

  4. Die Glöckchen auf der Schleife sehen sehr schön aus.
    Lieben Gruß von Cornelia

  5. This is very attractive way to display the bells, and they are very nicely shaped. Did you stiffen them?

    I believe this is Renulek's pattern from Oct. 2013, which she posted as a series of photos with numbers over the photos. The pattern appears in her blog post (see url below), written in Polish, and you can then click the translate button. although the photos clearly give the stitch counts.