Monday, 1 December 2014

A Little Bell

This is my first try at a bell from the Work Basket. I have an order for 3 purple ones. I'm glad I tried one in thread thats easy to obtain first. My picots on the sides need to be longer.
Christmas Farmers market wasn't too bad. I made $106.00. Two years ago I made $300.00. But, this year we had our first real cold snap the day before. -27C. So there wasn't as good a turn out of customers. There were 150 vendors there.


  1. I like the yarn that you used on this cute bell, BT!

  2. Beautiful bell, Well done on your craft table, it's getting harder to sell with not much money around, the weather never helps when there's a craft fair.

  3. Very pretty!!! I love the sparkles!!! :)

  4. The bell turned out well and looks wonderful in that sparkle-y thread. At least it wasn't so cold you didn't make any money at the market though it was a bit disappointing. Looking forward to seeing your purple bells.

  5. My niece was in town for the Art Market and did break even but said she did a lot less than in previous years also. I didn't see much advertising for craft fairs of any kind this past year. Hopefully this trend will reverse next year. Your little bell is lovely, my mother tatted bells for all of us kids one Christmas, they are treasured as I am sure your's will be.

  6. I love the sparkly thread you used! I'm curious as to the brand and size.

    Can you tell me which issue of Workbasket the bell pattern is in? I'm guessing it's from the June 1973 issue. I don't have the magazine, but I saw a list of patterns in that issue and it just says 'tatted bell', so I didn't know if it was this 3-D bell..

    That's a pretty cold temperature! I looked at a conversion chart, and it's -16F !
    We're anticipating a normal temp of 40 F (4 C) this Saturday at our festival, but it may include rain, which could affect the number of visitors. That's still better than snow!

    1. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I've been up at my mom's for 2 weeks. The pattern for the bell is June 1973. My thread is just ordinary size 20. Then I painted it with sparkle paint. It's a Martha Stewart craft paint.

  7. Love this bell!! I make 2 different ones right now. one from the complete book of tatting and one I found online this year which seemed easy enough that my 13 yr old could tat it and she did after me.