Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OH OH !!

Oh oh, in true bunny fashion, they're multiplying. The one on the far left has a larger bead nose. I like it better.


  1. They say rabbits breed quickly yours are multiplying fast.

  2. Hi Madtatter
    thank you for your comment on my blog, but I don't think it is intended for me :-) as it was not me who posted the pattern for the tatted rabbit. I am not tatting, as I have never learned it. I crochet, knit from time to time and decoupage. I would thank you for complimenting my works but I am not sure you meant me. I understand though English, so no worries about understanding what you wrote. All the best!

  3. Ivory. I got your blog from someone on In Tatters. You don't have to tat. Your work is beautiful. You are very talented. I like the crocheted monkeys. But all your work is lovely.