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I retired early because my legs don't like holding me up for too long. So now I can do things in my own time. I like to sell things at farmers market. Most of which, I've made myself, e.g. homemade soap, crochet dish cloths, hand towels, baby afghans and of course,..tatting.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tidy threads

I borrowed one of my daughters hair clips to demonstrate a way to hold your thread ends. They do come in smaller sizes than this, but this is all I had to work with. You open them by pushing the middle. And close them by pushing them down.


  1. Ah, I've seen that idea many times. I nearly stocked up on hair clips while I was over in the USA (cheaper over there than over here) but decided I'd need too many. I'm glad I didn't stock up as I've heard since that they can 'clip' the threads and break them. Still anything's worth a try. My new way is free too!!

  2. Your idea is an interesting way to clip threads.

  3. Thanks for the warning, Jane. I will keep an eye on that. Your way is good and cheaper too.