Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wee Dragonfly

Here's a pattern for my own "Wee Dragonfly."
Head Split ring 10/10
Split Ring 3 ds, picot (1 1/2 inches long) 3 ds/3ds picot (1 1/2 inches long) 3 ds,
Split ring 6/6.
Split 6/6.
Tie ends and put a dab of "Fray Check" on the knot. Cut. Use the ends of the top thread for an antenna.


  1. I would like to suggest with temerity that you could start this pattern from the bottom and work upwards. The first split ring (or it could be a ring) can cover both ends (each end in it's own half) and then you finish with the head. That way the 'ends' will become the antenna - voila!!! I've used that trick many, many times as in this pattern!

  2. Jane..your advise is always welcome. I haven't created very many patterns of my own. So, thank you for your input. It's always very welcome.

  3. Very cute! This will be a fun tat!