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I retired early because my legs don't like holding me up for too long. So now I can do things in my own time. I like to sell things at farmers market. Most of which, I've made myself, e.g. homemade soap, crochet dish cloths, hand towels, baby afghans and of course,..tatting.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wee Dragonfly

Here's a pattern for my own "Wee Dragonfly."
Head Split ring 10/10
Split Ring 3 ds, picot (1 1/2 inches long) 3 ds/3ds picot (1 1/2 inches long) 3 ds,
Split ring 6/6.
Split 6/6.
Tie ends and put a dab of "Fray Check" on the knot. Cut. Use the ends of the top thread for an antenna.


  1. I would like to suggest with temerity that you could start this pattern from the bottom and work upwards. The first split ring (or it could be a ring) can cover both ends (each end in it's own half) and then you finish with the head. That way the 'ends' will become the antenna - voila!!! I've used that trick many, many times as in this pattern!

  2. Jane..your advise is always welcome. I haven't created very many patterns of my own. So, thank you for your input. It's always very welcome.

  3. Very cute! This will be a fun tat!