Thursday, 23 August 2012

Butterfly cap

The butterflies on the brim are from Barb Foster. The one on the crown is from sarahwood8. She doesn't know the original source but is hoping someone will know. The thread is Lizbeth "Ocean Sunset" #155. I am happy with the end result. We'll see if it sells tonight.


  1. It's pretty with the butterflies. Good luck on selling it.

  2. It didn't sell yet. But last nights market was a disaster, and I left early, as the wind was ferocious. My things were blowing all over the place and there was dirt in everything.

    1. Thanks for answering the question I didn't have to ask. Hope you sell this very cool hat. I am glad you are keeping your blog current and that my new tentative interest in tatting angels lead me to find your November 2011 post.

    2. I assume the question was "did I sell the cap?"
      I am making another angel, with lots of bling. She is destined for Australia.