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I retired early because my legs don't like holding me up for too long. So now I can do things in my own time. I like to sell things at farmers market. Most of which, I've made myself, e.g. homemade soap, crochet dish cloths, hand towels, baby afghans and of course,..tatting.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

These were very fun to make. My hubby and I have been up to my mom's. She's been in the hospital. So having a simple project to work on was handy. Mom's ok. While in emergency she fell and broke three toes. We stayed at her house and then brought her home and took care of her for a few days. Hopefully she will be alright over Christmas. Don't want to repeat that again. 


  1. Bright and cheerful mittens! Wishing your mum a speedy recovery.

  2. Those should brighten up gray winter days!!! So beautiful bright and fun!!! :)