Thursday, 8 September 2016

Major Find

My DH took me to Rocky Mtn House, on the way to visit mom (out of the way) as I'd heard about this great thread and yarn shop. I so wanted to check it out. The Twisted Barn. WOW! What a find. So, I was gonna buy 4 balls. Well.....then I saw more that took my interest. I think I only made two unintentional duplicates. The Blue Ice was intentional. I want to make snowflakes and angels.
I wound up with 27 balls. Yipeee! Such fun fun fun.
Then we went to mom's and spent the weekend at a nearby lake, camping and fishing. It was nice for mom because she could come and roast a smokie and a marshmallow. Our son and his wife and our daughter were able to be there also. So we had a wonderful time.


  1. Fabulous colors!!! :)
    Have fun tatting with them all!!! :)

  2. So happy you found a great resource for tatting thread, now what will all your treasures become.

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  4. That's quite a haul! Lovely family weekend too, you're doublely fortunate!