Thursday, 29 October 2015

Snowflake in a ball

I got this idea from a fellow tatter a few years back. I only made one. This year I bought a pack of 6 of these glass balls from Hobby Lobby. Then found the bows and little snowflakes at Micheal's recently.


  1. The striped bow and cute small snowflake are perfect embellishments for the beautiful tatted snowflake ornament! Very attractive and appealing! I'm wondering how you got the snowflake inside and anchored it. For the ornaments I've done, I had to roll a lightly stiffened snowflake into a tube to insert it in the ball ornament, and had to wrap the thread attached to the top of the snowflake around the opening .where the cap holds it in place.

  2. I just stiffened it lightly and then rolled the snowflake in a tube shape. After I put it in, I used a narrow knitting needle to flatten it out.

  3. Thanks for the reply! That's very similar to how I inserted mine. You certainly got a great photo of it! They also make these ornaments in clear plastic, which I found at Michaels. They are often on sale.