Thursday, 6 August 2015

I haven't been totally idle

Well, long time no hear on my part. My DH and I spent the month of June on vacation. We hit Montana, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington in the USA and then British Columbia. We had a wonderful time and the highlight was a bus tour of San Francisco. 
 My hubby has braved many cities in the USA but Frisco was not going to be one of them. However, we found a nice KOA north of there, Petaluma. We were told they gave bus tours as long as there were 6 people wanting to go. We had enough, so off we went for the day. What a lovely tour we had. It was a full day of all the hot spots. We even had lunch at Fisherman's Wharf. And took a walking tour of China Town. What an interesting city. We saw lots of Alcatraz from the mainland. We did not tour the prison as there's a two month wait to see it. We only saw Lombard Street from a block away, as the residents are tired of hearing tour buses going through their block so we could only look up at it from a distance. We did ride a cable car over Noble hill and ate a sourdough bread bowl filled with clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf. It was a very good day.
       I was not idle in my crafting this holiday. I had started a crocheted pot holder, but it started cupping and I didn't know what to do to fix it. So, I unraveled some of it and gave it to my mom. She likes it. So, off we went to Walmart and I got a great bargain on Peaches and Cream cotton. Those are on the top of the picture.
      Then, we were at Hobby Lobby and I found something I'd never seen before. It's called "I Love this Cotton." It's a product made for Hobby Lobby. It's very soft and nice to knit. Those are on the bottom of the picture. I need to get back to tatting, but I've found this new (to me) dish cloth pattern very relaxing. The pattern doesn't have the yarn over near the end. I don't like yarn overs, I don't do them well. This pattern just has an increase the second stitch in on each row until you start reducing. Then on the third and forth stitch you knit them together. 

 I have done two farmers markets since returning from our 4 week vacation. So, hopefully I'll get myself back on track at some point. Guess that's what summers for, getting off track.


  1. Wow what a trip, So happy that you are back, those dishcloths are nice and do up quick too I bet. Do let us know how they well they work.