Friday, 6 February 2015

Crazy for color

Here's my current project. I finished the baby afghan above while I was staying with my mom. The one below is a work in progress.
My son's girlfriend fosters dogs until they are adopted. This little guy came from California. I thought he might be cold having come from that warmer climate. So I gave him a doggie sweater I made a few years ago. He seems to be contented with it. He's a little wired haired terrier cross. I'm told he has a new home now.

My mom is feeling much better. Fortunately she didn't  break her leg. She did have 2 weeks in hospital having physio after the fall she'd had. She is home now and getting meals on wheels and has a very nice housekeeper.

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  1. Your afghans are awesome and I truly love the colors!!!! :)