Monday, 12 January 2015


Can anyone translate this for me? It's so pretty.


  1. Looks like one of Jan Stawasz patterns. You will need two shuttles. Red numbers are for Jan's method, Blue for traditional and Black refer to both. Work in a clockwise direction. joining picots are very small. I like the little throw ring at the bottom of the clovers.

  2. I don't know how one could electronically translate the Russian words without being able to copy and paste them into Google Translate. Have you tried enlarging the pattern on the computer? All the numbers are there, and it seems easy to follow. I also love the look of this pattern!

    I'm so glad I found your blog again, as I realize you kindly answered my inquiry about the bell pattern being in the June 1973 Workbasket! You're the only tatter I'm aware of who actually tatted the bell from that issue! It seems a black and white photo from the magazine shows up on Pinterest accounts all the time, but the exact issue of Workbasket is never mentioned.. I'm assuming the designer is not given credit, which is sad because she possibly is the first tatter to design and publish a 3-D bell pattern! As you may know, 3-D bells are a favorite subject of mine!

    I've also been successful using glitter glue on my tatted items (especially the bells) after I stiffen them with fabric stiffener! It really adds a lot of sparkle! Many of my ornaments are over 20 years old!

    I hope your Mom is doing better!