Friday, 16 November 2012

Snowflake doodad, revamped

Lace-loving Librarian was kind enough to allow me to revamp her pattern. I'd like to teach this snowflake, so I wrote it "old school" for newbies.

Clover Leaf Snowflake
R 4-4-4-4
R 4+4-4-4. Repeat this row, 4 times.
R 4+4-4+4. Cut and tie.
*R 7-4-3. R 3+4-1-1-4-3. R 3+4-7.
Ch 7+7 (joined to center p of first motif)
Repeat from *5 more times.
Cut and tie to base of first clover.


  1. It's a lovely pattern I have given it to my grand daughter, we were doing clovers last Tuesday night see my blog.

  2. Nicely improvised. Thanks for sharing the pattern.