Saturday, 12 May 2012

Split chain

Jane gave me this site to learn the split chain. It is the best. I've watched it several times and my first tries were a little messy. But you soon learn that you want to keep the ds over to the left. And you leave the first half a little loose. Then you pull the second half to tighten the first then pull the shuttle to tighten the second half.
The next row is going to be a heart. I'll show it again when I'm finished.
Here's the site for Maire's instruction on the easiest way to do split chains.


  1. For too many years I have avoided split chains, even though Jane sat and taught me orginally. Then the other weekend she sat and taught me again and I have not plucked up enough courage to carry on with a pattern that I started that has one. Seeing this video gives me courage as it is all coming back to me now and by following it I'm sure it will work fine. So thanks for this post and congratulations on mastering the technique.

  2. I took at peak at the video but haven't had a chance to try it yet - looks pretty easy! I MUST give it a try. Thanks for the link.