Wednesday, 7 December 2011

tatted cross bookmark


  1. Thank you for this pattern. I was recently asked to duplicate a crochet cross pattern (which I did), and it's extremely similar to the #6608 pattern on this leaflet.
    Again, thank you very much!

    Lee Ann

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  2. I see that you copied the pattern and posted it, I am sorry to say I can't read it. When I enlarge it, everything is blurry. Is there another way you can post the pattern, I would really love to make them.

    1. Hi, katkel...I emailed the pattern to you. I hope you got it. Please let me know.

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  4. Hello. I'm Monika from Poland :) I would like to make theese too but like Katkell I can't see anything. I tried... Could you please send it to me too. My email is I would be very gratefull.

  5. Ditto on the crochet pattern request... thanks. I am crankybeach at yahoo dot com.