Saturday, 17 September 2011

sparkly snowflakes

There, they show up better with red behind. Wish the sparkles showed up

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving all the wonderful comments :) Your tatting is pretty too :)

    There are 2 ways you can close the simple bookmark, and I use both, depending on what mood I am in I guess. You can either just make the ring and chain and continue on that way until the end and tie the little ends together and tuck them in as you might, or, you can make your ring, then on your chain, as you start it, make one double stitch, a very small picot, and then start your chain. that first double stitch will stay there for you to catch the very last threads of the last chain and you can then finish your threads how ever you normally would.

    This is such a simple book mark that you can really do anything with it, use it to experiment with it, get a feel for the tension, add to the number of picots on the chains, add the total number of stitches on the chains and rings making them bigger, add a small ring on the chains where the picot is in stead of a picot, lots of different things you can do to personalize it because it really is such an easy one to familiarize yourself with. you can make the picots in the center really long and use a much wider ribbon as well...
    lots of ways to gain new experience with this one without complicated directions of a new pattern :)

    also, pink with a silver thread tatted up, and a pretty ribbon, makes for a beautiful *barbie* type ribbon, lol these bookmarks are superb handout gifts :)

    Have fun :)